We are working hard to become the catalyst for sound and experienced skills in disciplines related to dispute avoidance and dispute resolution.  Our people are called upon to work anywhere in the world, within any industry and at any project phase imaginable.  Our people offer solutions to often complex construction or engineering problems, but can also support our clients in improving services and driving efficiencies.  The people we associate with are as diverse and passionate as our clients are and are excited to take on challenges.  

We want to Talk with you!

Cerno International Advisory understands that recruiting and retaining talented people  is the most urgent business challenge facing our industry.  At Cerno International Advisory we value, respect and leverage the unique contributions of people with diverse backgrounds, experiences and perspectives, to provide exceptional customer service to an equally diverse clientele.

​We will always welcome the opportunity to speak with professionals who have a relevant qualification and a minimum of 10 years experience in their field in the following roles:

​-  Claims Consultant/Contract Management Consultant

-  Quantum Consultant

-  Programme Consultant/Forensic Planner

​-  Adjudicator (Quantum, Contract, Programme, Engineering)

​-  Expert Witness (Quantum, Contract, Programme, Engineering - with court experience!)

​-  Senior professionals in Project Control, Procurement, Construction Management

​We also welcome considerations for collaboration and partnering where our combined efforts can offer a substantial improvement in service capability as a whole.

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