Cerno International Advisory is a sophisticated global network of experienced individuals who share ideas, methodologies and expertise to solve client problems. It is this standard of excellence that distinguishes Cerno International Advisory in the marketplace and supports its strategic growth as it moves forward.  Drawing on the diversified knowledge, skill base and resources of Cerno International Advisory’s global professionals, enables us to exploit opportunities by responding rapidly to client needs.

Cerno International Advisory has the capacity to deploy global resources to deliver best practice solutions in commercial, contract and programme management of construction and engineering projects. The firm’s professionals’ track record demonstrates considerable diversity across the entire range of sectors.

With over 100 specialists around the globe, Cerno International Advisory has the right people in the right places to deliver successful construction and engineering projects. Our range of expertise and organisational resources means we can bring together the best team of consultants for our client’s specific needs.

Our clients can benefit from our people in a variety of ways:

1) Interim Solutions to resource specific project phases, projects turn-around, specialist assignments or continuity whilst recruiting permanent staff.  We have also found our clients to appreciate these resources when they needed an honest and objective perspective, without a political agenda.

2) ​Contract Assigned ​professionals who fill short-term appointments and avoid you the legal obligations of taking on a permanent employee with additional costs for redundancy, holiday pay, pensions, statutory sick pay, benefits and taxes.  This is particularly useful when senior experience is required for specific responsibilities, but without long-term obligation.

3)  ​Expert Services brokers senior professionals with experience in industry, consultancy and academia to offer insightful and dependable advice or arbitrary support for the resolution of disputes, international arbitration, litigation and adjudication.  We aim to be a trusted advisor and support to law firms, owner/operators and contractors.

When commercial and contractual risks are critical, managing them with the right expertise and skills will be critical as well.