Achieve that extra dimension of performance

Cerno International Advisory promotes the ability and capability of all disciplines in principles related to claims management within the construction and engineering world.  One of our services to advance this is the organising of made-to-measure internal training solutions with the help of our extensive portfolio of experienced and recognized trainers.  In this way we can, entirely to our clients' exact wishes, organise training sessions, seminars and/or work-shops which are specifically focused on one or more skills from the extensive offering of subjects that we have.

To offer an as effective programme as possible according to the wishes of your business division, we will follow a process whereby everything will be supported in a transparent manner.  This way the entire project can be done in accordance with your own policies as well as the wishes of HR and will allow people to know in advance the intentions of the skills and disciplines that are to be transferred. 

We are convinced that one can not learn any better than by putting theory to the test in practice with the supervision of ‘subject-matter-experts’ who can explain and give further insights relevant to real-life projects.  That’s why Cerno International Advisory has put together an extensive coaching programme for its clients, which can act as the ultimate finish to each of its training solutions and will enable your staff to apply what they have learned in the most correct way.  That is why we see this as an assurance of your investment.  Besides that it can offer you the ideal opportunity to keep the necessary expertise with your staff during a transition phase in a project or during more complex project phases.